Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture and enhance the culture and arts in the Mid Mon Valley area and protect its rich history

About Us

About Us

The Mid Mon Valley Cultural Trust was incorporated on December 23rd, 1999 with the purpose of the organization to initiate, preserve, and perpetuate theater, performing arts, history and culture in the  Mid Mon Valley area.  

First Project for MMVCT

The first project the Mid Mon Valley Cultural Trust worked on was to preserve and renovate a vaudeville theater,  The Coyle,  Located in Charleroi, PA. , the theater went back to the 1890's.  It underwent a renovation and expansion in 1927 and was used as a single screen movie theater until its closure in 1999.  The Trust purchased the theater along with two adjoining buildings with plans to reopen it as a theater.  Unfortunately as with many historical theaters plans with overwhelming odds against it the hope of reopening as a theater diminished and the Mon Valley Alliance purchased the building from the MMVCT in 2015.

The MMVCT Today

 The MMVCT wants to encourage participation in cultural events and to inspire the Mid Mon Valley Community to advocate, support, and participate by being volunteers, members and advisors.    

​ Help us to make a difference in the Mid Mon Valley!

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